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You've heard the warnings, "Television is bad for your child!"

You work Meme TV Strategieshard while your child watches lots of television. You worry about his brain. Will it be influenced by harmful TV shows? "What can you do? 

Today we'll share some research, 6 parenting tips, and a short YouTube video.

Parenting Advice from Research: 

1. Create consistent rules.

2. Follow routines.

3. Schedule a regular bedtime.

4. Read to children often.

5. Take kids to the library.

6. Teach youngsters their colors, shapes, and alphabet before kindergarten.

7. Avoid TV for children less than 2 years.

By doing the above you'll be setting the stage for raising successful children. But as your kids get older they'll tend to watch more TV. Could it ruin what you've taught?

You don't want your youngsters watching shows that poison their minds. You wish the TV producers would keep bad material off the air. But everyone says it's your responsibility to monitor what your kids watch. Is there anything you can do besides locking your TV in the trunk of your car or taking it to the dump? After all, there are great programs too.

You want your children to play, make friends, and have fun. Such healthy activities boost their brain power. So where does TV fit in?

6 Ways for Your Child to Watch Television and Develop Brain Power:

1. Limit TV time. Say, "Homework and chores first then TV." Encourage playing outside with neighborhood kids too.

2. Choose the programs that enrich their minds. Check the TV guide each week and find entertaining educational programs for them to watch.

3. Discover television shows that help your child with her research project or help excite her passion about saving whales, sharing her allowance with a child in another country, or something else.

4. Mute TV commercials and ask your child, "What do you think will happen next?" In this way you'll be influencing his thoughts.

5. Switch or turn off objectionable shows; the ones that promote violence, disrespect, and sex. Explain to your child why you don't want them to watch the inappropriate material.

6. Ask questions that promote thinking, listen, and then give your opinion. In this way, you'll be promoting your positive values through healthy discussions.

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Now for the Short YouTube Video: 6 Best TV Strategies to Help Your Child Succeed

137 Teaching Ideas from Birth to 9 Years




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