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When Parents Listen Well, Kids Will Talk

GETTING YOUR KIDS TO TALK IS EASY when you read our parenting tips and watch the short video below. It doesn't take an expert to figure out why some kids won't talk. It does take watching, thinking, and trying new behaviors. Today I'll share:

  • 3 reasons why parents need their children to speak up
  • 3 reasons why kids won't talk
  • 4 ways to get your youngsters to talk

When families move faster than the speed of life to get things done and fall asleep exhausted, they don't have time to enjoy each other. To form a bond that includes warm conversations, families must decrease their load, drop out of some activities, and slow down. Why?

Parents Want the Best for Their Kids

But how will they know what's best if kids don't talk? Being a stranger to your children is being in the dark with the people you love most.

3 Reasons Why Parents Need to Get Their Kids to Talk

1. They need to know how their youngsters think.

2. They need to know what their kids feel.

3. When parents know how they think and feel; they will be able to guide them.

Children don't like being told HOW they think or feel. If you've ever had someone tell you how you feel, and that person was wrong, you can imagine how mistaken a parent can be if their kids don't tell them.

3 Reasons Why Kids Won't Talk

Of course, some children are affected by traumas. But we're talking about ordinary children who keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. Here are 3 things that keep them quiet.

1. Parents who put them down, use sarcasm, or keep interrupting.

2. Parents with short fuses who get angry and make them nervous.

3. Parents who don't take time to listen because they're too busy or not interested.

In these situations kids turn inward with their thoughts and feelings. Sometimes they talk to unwise companions but not to their parents. So what do parents need to get their youngsters to talk? They need the 4-Point-Plan.

How the 4-Point-Plan Helps Kids Speak Up

1. Children will talk if parents PROBE gently with caring questions.

2. Kids will talk if parents slow down and LISTEN with interest.

3. Youngsters will talk if parents APPRECIATE what their kids say.

4. They will talk if parents remember, "NO CRITICISM."

To Remember How to Get Kids to Talk Just Post the PLAN:




No criticism

Post the 4-Point- PLAN where you can easily see it. Let me know the results.

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