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4 Ways to Discuss Bullying and Teach Empathy + Video

GETTING KIDS TO DISCUSS BULLYING helps parents teach empathy.  If you’re

Buster Bully +
Buster Billy Needs Your Child's Advice. Discuss the Video.

like most parents, you don't want your child to purposely hurt others. You don’t want your child labeled, ‘Bully.’

Today, I'll share:

  • 5 reasons it’s hard for bullies to stop
  • 4 ways to discuss bullying with your kids and
  • 6 questions to help your children think about empathy

You’ll find my short YouTube Video below to help with your discussions.

Bullying Is Hard to Stop When a Child Is ~

Click here for the full article on Bullying


In listening to the video, I suggest you:

  • Stop it when a question is asked
  • Discuss it with your child
  • Listen more than talk

You'll find out if your children are taking on your positive values. If not, be creative. Ask more questions to help them think wisely. Try not to criticize.

When you hear good ideas, give them praise. They'll love your attention and approval. You, in turn, can take pleasure in listening to their developing minds tell you what they really think.


Here's the video:

Character Building: Teaching Empathy - How Parents and Kids Discuss Bullying



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