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Raise Happy Kids. Teach Friendship Skills.


Years ago as a child counselor, I observed a 12-year-old girl in her classroom. Besides an awkward self-conscious walk and no eye contact, she refused to answer her teacher's questions.

This girl acted oddly and had no friends. She hated school.

No one wants their child to suffer by not fitting in. No parent wants their child to be friendless or to hate school.

Parents, stop worrying! You can teach your children how to make friends.

In today's article you'll get the 4-step method, 7 friendship skills to role-play, and 5 no-cost rewards.

First, Watch our YouTube Video, Parents and Kids Discuss 4 Ways to Learn Social Skills.

It outlines the 4 steps.

Second, you'll be directed to the article for more detail on helping your child.


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Read our article with its step-by-step details to:

  • Help your child make friends
  • Receive 7 friendship skills 
  • Get 5 non-material bonding rewards

Go to:

4 Best Ways to Teach Social Skills



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