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5 Family Meetings Tips for Building a Happy Home + YouTube

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Today's Family Meetings Differ from Yesterday's


If you grew up with family meetings, chances are they hurt your feelings. Often good-meaning parents used them to scold kids. They hoped these sessions would help their children improve their behaviors.

Some youngsters were scared. Some felt guilty and many stiffened inside with anger.

Parents didn't know how to use family meetings effectively. They didn't know how to create a family team.

In today's article you'll find 5 steps for holding family meetings that motivate your child, bind your family in love, and help your members grow.

First, watch our YouTube Video, 5 Family Meeting Tips for Creating a Happy Home.

It outlines the 5 steps.

Second, you'll be directed to the article for easy step-by-step detail on holding effective family meetings.



Read our full article with its 5 simple steps that share:

  • 3 listening skills
  • 3 speaking skills
  • 4 compliments that set the positive tone
  • How to solve a problem or plan a fun event
  • How to vote and discuss the topic
  • How to make commitments to make the family better

To Get the Full Article with Step-by-Step Detail, Go to:

5 Best Parenting Tips for Effective Family Meetings


Pick up our 33 Family Meetings Kids Love

5 Best Parenting Tips for Effective Family Meetings - See more at: http://www.kidsdiscuss.com/feature_article.asp?fa_id=170#sthash.ml0e5Q3S.dpuf

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