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Teaching Good Morals and Values Is Fun!


Years ago when I taught 3rd grade, a girl I’ll call Thelma took her classmates’ school supplies, candy, and toys and hid them in her desk. Child after child came to me saying, “Someone stole my…” I thought they just misplaced their things until the classroom candy can was emptied almost as soon as I filled it. Candy was a great motivator for good behavior and for hard work in those days.

One day items began tumbling out of Thelma’s desk. Nearby kids shouted, “There’s my..."

Thelma's situation became one of the stories in my e-book, Character Building on Back Talk Street and in the short video below.

First, watch the video.

Second, go to my article, How Parents the Kids Discuss Morals and Values, with its step-by-step details showing how to use the 5 Goal Questions.



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Here's the article, How Parents the Kids Discuss Morals and Values, on how to use the 5 goal questions effectively.


Pick up,
Character Building on Back Talk Street

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It Includes:

15 discussion stories

The 5 goal questions for each story

 Letters with problems and answers

 Activities between parents and children

 Puzzles, mazes, and word finds


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