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You Can Build Respect between You and Your Child!

DISRESPECT AND DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES go together like hand and glove. If you've ever heard a child yell at a parent, "I hate you!" or a teen sass his mom and call her the "B" word, you know it hurts. You also know there's something in the family that needs fixing.

Parents with disrespectful kids need to ask themselves, 'What can I do to turn my children from disrespect to respect?"

Today, I'll share a parenting skills article with:

1. 5 disrespectful behaviors to change

2. 7 easy ways to build respect in your children 

3. A brief YouTube video about turning disrespect into respect.

If your children are sassing and treating you poorly, there are things you can do.

First, Check your own behavior and look at what you can change.

Second, you need to decide what you will change.

Third, you need to make the change.

Changing Difficult Behaviors Can Include:

  • Modeling what you want more of
  • Becoming firmer
  • Avoiding harsh words and deeds
  • Choosing kindness
  • Being consistent

Begin by watching the video,

"How Parents and Kids Respect Each Other."

Next, you'll be directed to the full article,

"Conflicted Families: Turning Disrespect into Respect"



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Here's the full Parenting Skills Article with:

  • 5 Disrecpectful Behaviors
  • 5 Healthy Character Traits
  • 7 Ways to Build Respect


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