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Discipline Tips: 7 Parenting Strategies

ARE YOU SPOILING YOUR CHILD? Is she getting everything she wants and treating you badly.To get her to change, you may need to change first.

Discipline Strategies Can Help!

Today you'll hear the story of an overindulged child who gave her mother sneers, sharp words, and sass. She was a client. I've change the incidentals to protect her privacy. You'll hear her words, her mother's confusion, 7 typical insults, a Kind and Firm Discipline Method along with 7 strategies to get you started.

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It includes:

  • Over 40 typical childhood misbehaviors
  • 3 consequences for each problem
  • All the solutions are kind, firm, and consistent

Pick it up at: Discipline Tips for Parents

You'll be in control of your emotions and get the respect you want. Your positive parent/child relationship will grow.


7 Easy Strategies to Help Change Your Child's Behavior - See more at:

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