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5 Discipline Tips that Help Kids

DISCIPLINE METHODS FOR CONCERNED PARENTS can be confusing. Some are too strict. Some are too easy. Neither strategy is good for healthy child development. There is parenting approach that makes sense because it is balanced.

This parenting style needs to be anchored in the forefront of parents' minds for easy access when it's needed. To do this, I suggest, discussing it with your partner and friends, posting the words, "Kind, Firm, Consistent" on your fridge, bathroom mirror, bedroom door or wherever you might like a reminder. You might even use it as a bookmark.

In this parenting gift you'll find five simple ways to practice this method. Here's what to do:

1. Click on the link below.

2. Insert the code word: KIND.

3. Download the single page.

4. Add it to a binder to use whenever you need it.

Click here:

Kind and Firm Discipline - 5 Easy Steps


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