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Your Best Discipline Style for Raising a Confident Child + Video

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Calm Rational Discipline Raises Confident Loving Children

RAISING SELF-RELIANT CHILDREN includes caring and discipline. The discipline must be reasonable. But how can you act calm and steady when you want to yell and scream? How can you act rationally when you're upset?

The brief video below will show you how to teach your children self-regulation by regulating yourself. It will give you the mindset you'll need for correcting their misbehavior, taming their emotions, and increasing their confidence.

Children who learn to regulate themselves do better in school and make more friends. Your wise discipline will help them govern themselves and become people of character.

The video is entitled, How Loving Parents Can Discipline Children.

You can watch it on YouTube and copy the script below it in the "Show More" section or you can sit back and watch this effective parenting method here.


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