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Parent-Child Meditation Method for Soothing Emotions

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Meditating Helps Soothe Difficult Feelings
















WANT A SELF-REFLECTION TECHNIQUE to help your child soothe her out-of-control feelings? Below you'll find a Parenting Gift to help her use whenever she needs it.

When kids explode with anger, they often regret their outbursts. If your student is having trouble digging out from under depression, this tool can help. Fear, that anxious feeling that can invade your youngster's heart and prevent her from trying, can be changed with this stress-relief strategy.

Children own powerful minds and rich imaginations. (You do too. That's why you can use this system too.) Just as thoughts can increase difficult feelings, thoughts can reduce them too.

Preparing Your Child to Meditate

1. Be sure your child is in a good mood. A bad mood won't work because your child is still feeling negative.


2. Talk privately to show you respect your youngster. Make sure the surroundings are quiet and peaceful.


3. Discuss out-of-control feelings and how everyone experiences them. Use questions to learn her thoughts rather than lecturing.


4. Ask, “What feeling is hard for you to control?” Help her talk about her emotions by listening well.


5. Ask, “Are you willing to use your imagination to control it?”

Your Parenting Gift

Use this simple method at and insert the code: WORDS

I suggest you keep this special parenting gift in your parenting binder to use whenever you need it.

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