How Can Fighting Parents Can Stop Modeling Anger
How Parents Can Solve Couple Problems with Visualization

Blog Video: Can Fighting Parents Help Kids Feel Safe?

A boy I counseled had often seen his parents screaming at each other. He acted out  their behavior. The school contacted his mom and dad.

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You Can Create a Happier Marriage!

Even though their son yelled at, hit, and hurt other kids on the playground, his dad said, "Boys will be boys!" This his sister started causing similar problems at school. Finally, the parents paid attention. That's when the school contacted me.

The kids did what they saw the parents do. Yet deep inside, they feared their folks would divorce.

If fighting is hurting your marital relationship and your kids are being affected, you CAN change. In today's brief blog video, you'll find 3 miserable marriage traps, 3 questions to ask yourself about each trap, and 3 ways to overcome the trap. You'll also find 4 helpful communication tips for couples.

Watch the video as often as you want. You can even download the script below the video to use the information when you need it.

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