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Parents Can Visualize Solutions to Problems!

How you solve couple problems can scare your kids. They worry when you fight.

Most parents regret scaring their youngsters. Yet most couples still say and do painful things they can’t take back. If you and your mate have communication difficulties, here’s help.

You can’t make your partner a good communicator but you can become one.

If you focus on the last fight and the one before that until you remember every conflict, you’ll create a strong negative pathway in your brain paved with your couple struggles. By recycling old hurts with new ones you can easily build a case against your partner. You’ll also have a convincing mental route to follow whenever a new problem occurs. When that happens, don’t be surprised if you explode. You don't have to lose your cool. You have choices.

Two Choices

“You have a choice. You can either focus on what’s tearing you apart or what’s holding you together.” - Pinned by Gelyn Resuma

The Third Choice

You can raise your self-esteem by visualizing your best self handling a problem you tend to avoid. If you do this before falling asleep and before rising in the morning for 3 weeks, chances are you’ll become the good communicator you want to be.

Today’s gift, Self-Esteem Visualization for Couples with Problems will show you how to handle difficulties with elegance and no regrets. Then, when your kids are watching, they’ll feel the change. Why not calm their fears by solving problems with dignity.

To download your step-by-step visualization click on Subscriber Gifts

and insert the code word: VISUALIZE. You can start today! Why not make a copy for your partner too?


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