Parenting Solutions: Helping Kids Conquer Self-Pity
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Parenting Video: Helping Your Child Soar above Misery

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IF YOUR CHILD DWELLS ON PAINFUL THOUGHTS, this video could help. You'll learn 5 methods for helping kids bounce back from upsets, difficulties, hurts, and failures.

You may already know that brooding can weaken your youngster’s spirit and attack her resilience. As a concerned parent, you can guide him. How? Aid him to see how “pity potty” thoughts destroy his positive energy to try, conquer, and succeed in dealing with challenges.

Some frustrated parents might try to shame their children into thinking positive. It doesn’t work. In fact, belittling makes things worse because put-downs become fuel for more brooding.

When you help your kids discuss problems with kind listening and respectful conversations, you become your children’s confidant. This is the perfect position for influencing their thoughts and helping them rise above self-pity.

Watch this video here, How Parents Help Kids Rise above Self-Pity, or watch it on YouTube


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