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"Poor Me" Behavior Can Be Changed!

IF SELF-PITY IS A HABIT WITH YOUR CHILD, you know how it disturbs you and shackles her. You might wonder, “How can I free my child from this self-destructive behavior?”

Today, you’ll find a story, 3 signs of self-pity, two helpful activities, and the poem, “Self-Pity Isn’t Pretty.”

In the story you’ll see how the “poor me” monster easily creeps into her thoughts.

Feeling sorry for oneself is natural when bad things happen. The danger occurs when we recycle emotional pain and it becomes a habitual routine.

Self-Pity Signs

Does your youngster whine, look gloomy or act angry a lot? If so, chances are she needs your help to keep from repeating the thoughts that bring her down.

If you react to the whining in ways you’re not proud of, try the 2 exercises in this article. They could be a good alternative for you. You can start using them today. 

To find out more, click on How to Free Your Child from Drowning in Self-Pity


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