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Gift ~ How to Help Your Child Think Optimistically

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You Can Help Your Child Become a Happy Thinker!

HELPING YOUR CHILD DEVELOP A POSITIVE SPIRIT is the greatest present you can give. When children make a habit of daydreaming about sad, angry, or anxious thoughts, they become weaker physically and emotionally.

Method for Experiencing the Difference between Positive and Negative Thinking

Ask your son or daughter to extend their arms from their sides outward (like airplane wings). Then ask them to think of a happy time while you press down with some firmness (not too much) on their arms. Next ask them to extend their arms again and tell them to think about a painful event in their lives. Press down again.

What happened? Were your kids stronger with the happier thoughts? Most people are.

Use this strategy to ask him what he learned. Then explain the power of positive thinking.

Today’s Happy Thinker Gift

Today’s present includes a special exercise for bringing your child’s mind back from negative daydreams to the present and then focusing on something positive. It's a simple 5-step process. Go through the steps with him as often as he needs. Each time you do, you will be taking advantage of your parenting privilege - guiding him toward better thoughts and feelings. You'll feel great about it too.

Be sure and download this gift. Add it to your binder to use whenever you need it.

Pick up your gift by inserting code word THINKER  at: Subscriber Gifts  or

Hopefully, he’ll make this easy 5-step process a habit and become a "Happy Thinker" all because you showed him how.


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