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 Poem for Kids - 'Self-Pity Isn't Pretty'

Do you have an over-sensitive child? Does she feel sorry for herself way too often? How can you help her get off the 'pity potty?'

Let her know when bad things happen some self-pity is okay. It's the habit of holding on to 'poor me' thinking and recycling the thoughts over and over that will weaken her spirit and bring her down.

Tell her "Being upset is normal. Try not to repeat the thoughts that hurt you." You might add,

"Miserable thoughts may soothe you at the time but will harm you when you make them a habit. They are like “10,000 nasty trolls.” They can follow you into adult life and make you a very unpleasant person on both the inside and outside.”

Our parenting present today is my poem, 'Self-Pity Isn't Pretty.' It includes the problem and solutions. Ask your child to draw, memorize, or clip out and post it in a place where it will remind her to:

“…Choose to rise above self-pity,

With a “CAN DO” mind that’s pretty.”


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