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You Can Raise "CAN DO" Kids

A resilient child gives joy to parents. She bounces back from disappointments and faces life with a special eagerness. She's willing to take on challenges and try new things. The, ‘Let me try,’ and ‘Can Do’ attitude make being with her so much fun.

Such children don’t happen by accident. You can do a lot to encourage your child's positive attitudes. Research tells us there are 6 goals that can help you in your parent/child day-to-day interactions.

This Parenting Communication Tip Helps Kids Regulate Emotions

Here is how to develop the 1st of 6 goals:

Talk with your child well after the tantrums, pouts, or moans and groans have passed. Then ask:

1. How do you feel about how you handled your disappointment?

2. Would you like to handle difficulties better?

3. How would you like to solve them better? (The best solutions come from your child because she is more likely to follow her own ideas. You can help her if she's stumped but don't force your suggestions.)

4. Listen well and paraphrase her answers.

5. Ask her to pick the idea she’d like to practice.

6. Compliment her every time she practices it.

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