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Gift : 5 Resilient Parenting Tips for a "Can Do" Attitude

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Believe in Your Child

If you’re a concerned parent wanting to turn your child’s poor outlook into a happy “I CAN” mindset, keep reading.

Parents who nurture a resilient attitude in their children do some very specific behaviors. They avoid name-calling and foster mutual respect. Their methods are fun, interesting, and rewarding. They're easy too. The following gift includes 5 definite actions you can start using immediately.  

Let’s look at the first specific parenting behavior.

To Raise Your Youngster with a "Can Do" Spirit:

 1. Believe in your child.

Say it! “I believe in you,” and tell your youngster why. “I believe in you because…

 1.) You like doing your best. I just saw it when you dove off the diving board.

 2.) You practice your musical instrument without being told.

 3.) You’re friendly when you see kids you know.

If you look for the good in your child, you’ll find it. Then tell her that you believe in her and name the good you saw. Isn’t that easy?

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