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You Can Raise a Resilient Thinker!

CHILDREN WHO WHINE, BLAME, AND WALLOW IN SELF-PITY CAN LEARN TO bounce back from difficulties. This brief video offers 5 ways to inspire your child to become resilient.

One of the ways is to avoid telling your child exactly how to do something. Telling undermines his problem solving abilities and makes him dependent on what you think. What’s the better way?

Research tells us to ask “How Questions?” "How Questions" boost thinking power. Some examples include:

1. How would you like to solve it?

2. How many solutions can you come up with?

3. How could you handle it better?

There are as many ways to ask “How Questions” as there are problem solving situations.

To motivate your child and strengthen resilience, watch the video together by clicking on: How Parents Can Raise Resilient Children or watch it here:



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