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Inner Guides Help Kids Think Before They Act

If you're worried about your distracted child and his concentration problems, then you'll want to introduce him to his Inner Guide.

When your child slows down, goes inward, and asks, “What’s the best thing to do in this situation?” he’s contacting his Inner Guide. Many times he’ll find the answer he needs.

Each of us has an Inner Guide. Some call it a Loving God. Others say it’s a helpful conscience. Still others might say it is our intuition, a gut felt sense, or an angel. People even give their Inner Guide a name. It’s up to you on how you’d like to present it.

Inner Guides have great value because they help your child take the time to reflect, ask questions, and think before he acts.

Choose to read this poem together. Ask your child to memorize it, cut it out, and/or post in a convenient place as a reminder for him to tune into his Inner Guide. It can help him concentrate, focus better, face difficult situations, and be more resilient.

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