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How to Teach Your Bossy Child 7 Leadership Skills

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Bossy Kids Can Become Leaders

IF YOUR CHILD IS TOO BOSSY AND KIDS ARE REJECTING HIM, it can be painful for him and for you. Most children don't have a clue about leadership skills. Yet, they want other kids to follow their lead.

Keep reading to find out the 7 bossy behaviors that turn kids off and the 7 leadership skills your child can learn.

You can teach these skills with helpful conversations, role-playing activities, and/or charting your child's new leadership abilities.

One leadership tip includes resolving conflicts. The key is negotiation. Here are 3 easy things your child can learn to do:

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Leaders Can Resolve Conflicts

1. Ask questions about the conflict and listen to the other' answers.

2. Find out if there is something both sides share in common. This is called 'Common Ground.' Your child can help each side achieve the 'wants' they have wants in common.

3. Then have him ask the big question once tempers cool down and both sides feel listened to. "How can we both win?" or "How can you both win?"

This one skill can be practiced at home by you whenever conflicts arise. Because it's practiced at home, your child will know how use it with classmates and friends.

Can you see how this skill can help change your child from a bossy boy to a trusted leader?

Read more to find out the other 6 simple leadership skills you can teach your child:

7 Leadership Skills Your Bossy Child Must Learn

As your child practices these skills, watch him smile as he becomes a likable leader.

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