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Parenting Gift: 7 Childhood Behaviors that Get Kids Rejected


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 Bossy Kids Are Annoying

WHY ARE BOSSY KIDS REJECTED? You’ll find 7 troublesome behaviors to help you decide if your child is bossy and why children exclude him in this parenting gift.

Watch your child interact with other children. Does he irritate others by doing this?

Behavior #5:

Is He Someone Who Tells Others What to Do?

Here are 3 reasons bossiness doesn't work:

1. Both adults and youngsters dislike being told what to do especially when they aren’t asking for advice. Why? They have their own thoughts and their own answers to their problems and don’t want to feel pushed by someone else.

2. Bossy kids like to take control and order others to do what they think is best. This doesn’t work because they can’t possibly know the other child’s complete thoughts, feelings, or experiences. Naturally their advice will be faulty.

3. When pushy students use a demanding voice it annoys classmates. Again, children resent being commanded to do another kid's bidding.

The Bossy Solution 

Boy on phone
What do you want to do?

If telling others what to do is one of your child’s problems, suggest he listen, empathize, and ask what the other child wants to do about the situation. This will help him be included and not excluded because he cares more about the other child's solutions than giving his own advice.

To learn the other 6 actions that bossy children do to get themselves rejected, go to

and insert the code word: BOSSY.

Add this Parenting Gift to your 3-hole binder to use whenever you need it. Share it with your children too. It could help them choose more acceptable behaviors now and throughout their lives.


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