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Gift: Poetic Advice Child Leaders Must Learn

Bossy Leadership Poem
Learn the Secret to Becoming a Child Leader

NATURAL BORN CHILD LEADERS NEVER HEAR THIS, “You’re not the boss of me!” A child with leadership skills knows the secret within in our poem today. He knows bossiness doesn’t work. He also knows what the pushy child doesn't understand but can easily learn.

A True Leader

I remember a boy in elementary school named, Robert, who possessed this special ability. It worked so well that his fellow students made him their class president year after year.

When Robert entered a newly constructed high school, he became the student body president 3 years in a row. Today, I’ll share his secret with you through our simple poem.

Poetry Gift Includes:

This poetry gift comes with pictures and words to show what doesn’t work if your child wants to be a leader. The solution in the poem is easy and is the number one leadership skill your child must learn.

Who Can Be Leaders?

Can a shy child become a leader? Certainly! In fact, it may be easier for a shy child to come out of his shell than for a loud bossy kid to tone down his behavior.

What Is the Secret to Successful Leadership?

If you think the answer is “Listening” that’s only part of the answer. It all starts with a special kind of question.

Find out what that question is by downloading our gift at and by inserting the word CARING

Consider adding this poem to your 3-hole notebook to help your child whenever he or she needs it.


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