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Gift: Poetic Advice Child Leaders Must Learn

Bossy Leadership Poem
Learn the Secret to Becoming a Child Leader

NATURAL BORN CHILD LEADERS NEVER HEAR THIS, “You’re not the boss of me!” A child with leadership skills knows the secret within in our poem today. He knows bossiness doesn’t work. He also knows what the pushy child doesn't understand but can easily learn.

A True Leader

I remember a boy in elementary school named, Robert, who possessed this special ability. It worked so well that his fellow students made him their class president year after year.

When Robert entered a newly constructed high school, he became the student body president 3 years in a row. Today, I’ll share his secret with you through our simple poem.

Poetry Gift Includes:

This poetry gift comes with pictures and words to show what doesn’t work if your child wants to be a leader. The solution in the poem is easy and is the number one leadership skill your child must learn.

Who Can Be Leaders?

Can a shy child become a leader? Certainly! In fact, it may be easier for a shy child to come out of his shell than for a loud bossy kid to tone down his behavior.

What Is the Secret to Successful Leadership?

If you think the answer is “Listening” that’s only part of the answer. It all starts with a special kind of question.

Find out what that question is by downloading our gift at http://kidsdiscuss.com/subscriber-gifts.asp and by inserting the word CARING

Consider adding this poem to your 3-hole notebook to help your child whenever he or she needs it.


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Gift for Parents: How Kids "Pitching In" Is a Leadership Skill

Boy helping
Helping Others Is the Key!

TO "PITCH IN" MEANS YOUR CHILD IS WILLING TO HELP. If you have a youngster who complains about tasks, his complaints can be a real drag at home and at school. How can you help him see the value of pitching in? Keep reading.

Real leaders don’t sit around basking in their leadership titles. True heads see the bigger picture and take action. One of their most important behaviors is to help others. How does this apply to your girl or boy?

The leadership attitude begins at home. To get children to help around your house, you might:

1. Use the phrase, “First this and then that…” First pick up your toys, and then we’ll play a board game (or whatever the motivating activity is). These powerful words avoid the complaining you detest and they increase your child’s willingness to help.

2. Find ways to compliment your child:

    "I appreciate the effort you made to complete your homework."

    "I like how you straightened your sheet before you finished making your bed."

    "Thank you for entertaining your baby brother while I fixed dinner."

    Children love honest compliments and appreciation.

3. Use stars and charts for a visual reminder of his or her helpfulness.

4. Create warm chats about leadership outside the home. Advise him to help his friend, a neighbor,  or look around his classroom and see what needs to be done like:

    Picking up toys when he and his friend have finished playing with them.

    Helping a pal with a task he needs to finish before he can play.

    Asking his teacher if he can clean the paint brushes after school.

    A child with an eye to seeing the bigger picture, the willingness to help, and then pitching in, is a leader in action.

Girl Helping Boy SMALL
Willingness to Help Is Leadership!

5. Ask your child to let you know when she helped others and increased her leadership skills. You are her confidant and guide. She’ll want you to know.

Your gift today lists 7 leadership skills. Find out what the other 6 are. Then think about how you can promote them in your child. If you do, you’ll be building her character and she’ll enjoy the good feeling of being an involved helper and leader.

Why not download all the leadership skills and put them in a 3-hole binder to use whenever you need them?

Click on http://kidsdiscuss.com/subscriber-gifts.asp and insert the code word, LEAD. Then download your gift.


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Parenting Gift: 7 Childhood Behaviors that Get Kids Rejected


Bossy Boy
 Bossy Kids Are Annoying

WHY ARE BOSSY KIDS REJECTED? You’ll find 7 troublesome behaviors to help you decide if your child is bossy and why children exclude him in this parenting gift.

Watch your child interact with other children. Does he irritate others by doing this?

Behavior #5:

Is He Someone Who Tells Others What to Do?

Here are 3 reasons bossiness doesn't work:

1. Both adults and youngsters dislike being told what to do especially when they aren’t asking for advice. Why? They have their own thoughts and their own answers to their problems and don’t want to feel pushed by someone else.

2. Bossy kids like to take control and order others to do what they think is best. This doesn’t work because they can’t possibly know the other child’s complete thoughts, feelings, or experiences. Naturally their advice will be faulty.

3. When pushy students use a demanding voice it annoys classmates. Again, children resent being commanded to do another kid's bidding.

The Bossy Solution 

Boy on phone
What do you want to do?

If telling others what to do is one of your child’s problems, suggest he listen, empathize, and ask what the other child wants to do about the situation. This will help him be included and not excluded because he cares more about the other child's solutions than giving his own advice.

To learn the other 6 actions that bossy children do to get themselves rejected, go to


and insert the code word: BOSSY.

Add this Parenting Gift to your 3-hole binder to use whenever you need it. Share it with your children too. It could help them choose more acceptable behaviors now and throughout their lives.


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