Sassy Kids: How Loving Parents Stop Sarcasm
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Gift: 10 Signs of Sarcasm Loving Parents Must Stop!

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Does Your Sassy Child Disturb You?

A SASSY CHILD CAN GAIN POWER OVER HIS PARENTS. Such power, if it becomes a habit, will hurt him now and in the future. His tone, words, and body language signal to others he's self-centered, angry, and in control.

No parent enjoys hearing her beloved child bellow out, "Do it yourself!" or roll his eyes when she asks for help.

Has your child sassed you with "Duh!" as if you were stupid. If your youngster smirks or tells you to "Get a life," it can hurt. This sassy behavior can be changed.

Today, you’ll receive a parenting gift with 5 common sarcastic things kids say and 5 examples of rude behavior. If your child is treating you with disrespect, keep these lists in your 3-hole notebook to refer to when you need them.

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