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Sass is dead if you say, "Stop sassing me!"              

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Stop Sassing Me!

Then you must show you mean it by following  through with consequences. The trick is to catch your child being rude as soon as she starts becoming sarcastic. Don't let it become a habit because it will be more difficult to change. Not impossible but more difficult.

You'll also need to ask your child to think ahead and tell you how he will respond in the future to avoid the sass. Insist on an answer. If your child refuses, use a consequence. 

Reacting to Rudeness

Don't return the sarcasm by saying, “I see you're rolling your eyeballs again. Did you ever find a brain back there?” Sarcastic replies invite volleys of mean-spirited sass. You want to cut it off not rev it up.

Make your goal to model respectful behavior when reacting to your child's obnoxious retorts. Make sure you look and feel in control of yourself even if you need to let time pass before you respond.

Responding to Sassiness:

Our parenting gift offers 9 answers to sassy sarcasm that you can easily use. If your youngster needs a stronger consequence, consider not doing something he wants you to do or taking something away that fits his sarcasm.

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