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Sassy Sarcastic Poem for Building Character in Your Child

Rejected Girl
Sassy Isn't Classy!

Our character building poem for kids includes rude behavior, the problems that mouthy behavior can cause, and how to solve them. Please share this parenting gift with your children.

The poem is about Tyler Tanners, a boy with sarcastic manners. When he put down his dad, there were consequences he didn't like.

Fortunately, a character comes to his rescue. Find out who he is and what he suggests in our poem, "Sassy Isn't Classy."

After you read it with your children, discuss these questions to find out their thoughts about sassy behavior:

  1. What's wrong with sarcastic behavior?
  2. How can being sassy hurt friendships?
  3. What do you think of sassy sarcastic kids?
  4. If you were the parent of a child who acted rudely toward you, what would you do?
  5. What advice would you give children who sass?

Using these discussion questions helps your children think more clearly and talk more deeply about the problem. When they respond with good solutions be sure to praise their answers. It is hoped they will follow them.

To pick up your gift, "Sassy Isn't Classy," insert the word, SASSY at:


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