Blaming Children: How Parents Stop the Excuses
Whining and Whimpering - 6 Positive Parenting Solutions

The Blaming Problem - 10 Practical Parenting Solutions

Frowing Boy
"You Always Blame Me."

IF YOUR CHILD OFTEN BLAMES OTHERS FOR HIS MISTAKES, he has a blaming problem. From today's article you can help him tell the truth and take responsibility for his actions.

You'll find out:

Why youngsters blame

7 typical blaming defenses kids use

9 blaming behaviors

5 excuses parents repeat

10 parenting tips you can use immediately

For example you'll find out how creating signals helps stop blaming, why discussing the phrase, mistake makers, is important, and how to use consequences that work.

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Stop Kids From Blaming Others! 10 Best Parenting Tips 


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