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"You never let me do anything."

"YOU'RE DRIVING ME CRAZY!" is more than lyrics from a famous song. It's the common scream from parents of whiny children.

Whining works for kids when they hear parents say, "Oh, alright." Every time your child gets her way with whimpers and wails guarantees she'll use it the next time she wants something. So what can you do?

In today's video you'll find 6 positive parenting strategies to stop the whining. One solution involves the word "Freeze!" It's easy to use and could be just what you need.

Another answer uses the Mirror Method. Sometimes your child needs to see it to believe it.

The four other methods tell you what to say and do. 

Try them because the sooner the whining stops, the sooner you'll stop pulling your hair out. Your child will be learning better ways to ask for what she wants and there will be peace in your home.

Please enjoy this brief video on YouTube now:

Whiny Children: How Parents Stop the Nagging

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