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Anxious Girl
Anxious Children Imagine the Worst!


Today's brief YouTube video shares 7 easy steps.

Seeing your child afraid to give a book report, join a sports team, or make a friend can fill your heart with worry. You know she imagines the worst and want to help her. But what can you do?

Like a stepladder each rung in this video takes her closer to success because she'll be using that same imagination to conquer her anxiety. You'll be her guide. Each step is written below the video on YouTube. Copy it. It's yours. 

Then watch the video with her when she is feeling calm, happy, or relaxed. Use your copy and ask her to go through the 7 simple steps with you.

Use this parenting strategy with her as often as needed because anxiety is a habit.  Like a habit it takes practice to change. 

To turn your child's anxiety into confidence click below:

How Parents HelpAnxious Kids Feel Confident



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