Anxious Child: Turning Fear into Courage
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Parenting Fearful Children: 7 Mistakes and 11 Solutions

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"Please Don't Make Me!"

IS YOUR CHILD OVERWHELMED WITH WORRY AND FEAR? If so, you can help him turn anxiety into confidence. Today I will list 7 mistakes you don't want to make, 3 worrisome situations for anxious children, and 11 easy steps for helping your over-sensitive child.

Anxious children know the awful experience of thoughts and feelings running wild. For them, it's like a tsunami. They try to avoid such danger at all cost.

That's why they worry and fret about the worst things that might happen. They might cry, throw temper tantrums, and refuse to take risks. This is how their worry protects them from harm. It stops them from trying, making mistakes, and being embarrassed. It keeps them safe from failing and feeling foolish.

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     "I can't. I might fail"

But kids don't realize that anxiety also imprisons them with their negative thoughts and fearful feelings. It prevents them from experiencing the joys of accomplishment.

Find out what you can do. Practice the 11 simple steps to help your child overcome childhood anxieties.

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11 Ways Parents Turn Anxious Kids into Confident Children

Because, like all parents, you don’t want your child to suffer from fear when he doesn’t need to.

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