Changing Stubborn Behavior - 5 Top Parenting Tips
12 Parenting Tips - Getting Strong-Willed Children to Cooperate

Stubborn Child Activity: Character Building Poem with 7 Questions

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You Can Help Hardheaded Child to Cooperate!

Getting your strong-willed child to cooperate can be difficult. Often stubborn youngsters react without thinking. Parents feel frustrated, get mad, and both start arguing. Before you know it, the argument becomes nasty and nobody listens. Nobody wins.

Getting solutions to determined behavior is best when children are in a good mood. Today we have an activity that you can easily use. It's a unique children's poem about stubbornness with 7 questions. It will help you and your kids discuss the issue without pointing fingers.

Find out what your children think about Jake and Jill's (the kids in the poem) behavior. The questions will help them reflect about their own behavior. They'll begin to see that acting like a mule closes minds, loses positive power, and increases ugly moods. 

Cooperation is a better solution. It's more fun too.

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Start having great discussions about stubborn behavior today! 


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