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Empathy Training for Kids - 8 Simple Parenting Discussions

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Kids Understand Feelings When Parents Help

THIS PARENTING GIFT HELPS CHILDREN EXPERIENCE EMPATHY. It includes 8 discussion questions for building character through friendly chats.

Consider discussing a new question once each week because it will give your child time to reflect and practice caring skills. Dinners, car rides, and bedtimes are perfect for these discussions. Use words like:

1. Would you explain a little more? 

2. I like how you think.

3. How did you come to think that way?

4. Do you have any examples?

5. How do your thoughts match your actions? 

Don’t lecture your child on what to think. Rather, find out what he thinks and why. Accept his ideas without arguing. You can add your thoughts later by also answering the questions in today's gift.

Remember, if you force your ideas, your child may get stubborn and rebel against them.

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Friendly Chats Help Kids Care about Others


Pick up 8 Discussion Questions: 

Insert the code word EMPATHY at and start building character today. 

Imagine your feelings when your child cares about others and treats them with respect. You'll know you're parenting well and that your discussions are powerful.

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