Empathy Training for Kids - 8 Simple Parenting Discussions
Parenting Tips - Help Kids Choose Honesty and Overcome Guilt

10 Parenting Tips: Teaching Kids to Value Honesty

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How Parents Help Children Evaluate Truth and Lies


CAN PARENTS TEACH KIDS TO BE HONEST? ABSOLUTELY! Is there an easy way to help your child choose honesty? Yes!

When parents ask fun questions to help kids develop their own reasoning skills, kids often share their real thoughts.

Respectful listening is the key. If you model respect, avoid put-downs, and listen well, you might be surprised. Why? Because your child may offer ideas like yours.

In today’s video, you’ll find thought-provoking questions for your child. You'll ask about the problems with lies, reputation, guilt, and the value of a clear conscience. Your ability to avoid telling them what to think and your power to listen well will greatly influence their characters. Why? Because they won't be fighting your ideas.


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The Honest Child and Conscience – 10 Parenting Discussions


View this YouTube Video. Copy the script below the video. Then ask your kids the 10 questions. Enjoy their answers.

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