10 Parenting Tips: Teaching Kids to Value Honesty
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Parenting Tips - Help Kids Choose Honesty and Overcome Guilt


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Kids Respect and Trust Truthful Parents

LYING HURTS YOUR CHILD'S REPUTATION AND BREEDS DISTRUST.  If you're the parent of an elementary-age student, who has trouble telling the truth, can you remember a time when you told a falsehood? If it had bad consequences, can you remember your feelings? Were you plagued with guilt? Were you afraid to confess for fear of punishment? 

Lies can cause your child mental pain too. Today's article shares 7 fearful consequences from lying, 7 positive effects for being truthful, 6 honest strategies, 5 moral dilemmas for your child to solve, and 10 self-talk statements from which to choose. 


Children look up to parents with eager eyes and ears. They see and hear everything.  When parent's aren't truthful, kids learn about lying. When parents are truthful, kids trust and respect them. Use the tips in this article to model truthfulness and help your child.

3 Suggestions to Tell Your Child When He Is Ready to Admit His Mistakes:

1. "Avoid over-thinking about the action you are about to take. It might stop you from telling the truth." 
2. "Take 5 deep breaths right before admitting your lie. It will help you relax."
3. "Repeat a simple slogan like, “My truth is like gold when my honesty's bold,” because it could give you the courage you need."

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You CAN Help Him Choose Honesty and
Overcome Guilt

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