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Parenting Solutions: Turning Pessimistic Kids into Positive Children

How Parents Raise Kids with Positive Mindsets - 5 Fun Activities


Does Your Child
Look on the Bright Side?

PARENTING HAPPY CHILDREN IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK. Today we've created a new 4-minute YouTube Video with 5 powerful ways to teach your child positive thinking.  They include these simple fun activities. Share them with your children:

  1. The Morning Forecast
  2. The Gratitude Review 
  3. The Family Compliments
  4. The Smile Experiment
  5. The Bright Side Discussion

Why Is Raising a Positive Thinker Better than Raising a Negative Thinker?

  1. Positive children attract friendships. Negative kids repel them.
  2. Kids who are positive feel happier.
  3. Children with happy mindsets tend to look for positive solutions.
  4. Unhappy kids tend to pout and hold onto resentments.
  5. Positive kids encourage others.

I bet you can think of even more reasons to raise children with cheerful attitudes.

Now is a great time to introduce these parent/child activities. If you do, your child might make new friends and enjoy this school year more than ever.

Watch this video. Copy the transcript below it. Start using these parenting strategies today.


How Parents Raise Positive Kids – 5 Top Parenting Tips


Girls Laughing Brighter SMALL
You CAN Raise a Positive Child!


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