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Teach The Gratitude Review to Your Child


The power of gratitude shapes positive thoughts. Upbeat thinking promotes a happier heart. If you’d like to raise an optimistic child, consider The Gratitude Review as a bedtime activity. It’s so easy.

The Simple Method for Increasing Gratitude:

At bedtime ask, “What happened today that you’re grateful for?”

Give your child time to think. Make sure it’s something that’s completely positive. If she says,

“I had fun playing soccer during recess but when it was over…”

The word ‘but’ tells you something unpleasant is about to follow. Help her practice finding pleasant events that started and ended with a satisfying experience.

This Bedtime Exchange Helps Parents and Children:

  1. Develop closeness.
  2. Discuss positive daily events.
  3. Share happy feelings.
  4. End the day on a joyful note.
  5. Sleep with happy memories.

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