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You Can Help Your Child Choose "The Bright Side"


NEGATIVE THINKING IS A DARK CLOUD THAT HOLDS US BACK from making friends, hurts our chances of success, and makes us feel gloomy. Positive thinking, is a light and cheerful feeling that attracts friends, success, and feels happy. 

Use this creative discussion poem with your children to let go of hopeless thoughts and embrace positive thinking.

In just 4 short stanzas you'll discover topics to discuss like:

  1. Judging others. 
  2. Negative thoughts. 
  3. Moaning and groaning. 
  4. Excuses, blaming, acting cross.

Each verse reinforces solutions to negative behaviors like:

  1. Expanding your heart.
  2. Smiling and laughing.
  3. Being kind and cheerful.
  4. Encouraging others.

Discuss this poem as a friendly chat 

Find out your child's thoughts by asking:

  1. What do you think about judging others to bring them down?
  2. How do you think negative thoughts push others away?
  3. How do moaning and groaning poison people's minds?
  4. How do excuses, blaming and active cross affect family and friends?
  5. Would you like to live on the "bright side?" Why? 

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