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How Parents Fight Materialism and Raise Loving Children

How Can Parents Raise Non-Materialistic Kids?

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Is Materialism the Key to Your
Child's Happiness?


IF YOU'RE TEACHING YOUR KIDS THAT MONEY, TOYS, AND PRESENTS are the keys to happiness, are they happy? If you're fighting materialism in your home, is it working? 

You CAN nurture generosity over greed. Consider watching our brief video and picking up the parenting tips with questions you need.

It offers ways for your kids to think more deeply about materialism. It won’t promote shame or guilt either.

Toward the end of this video,

How Parents Discuss Materialism with Kids

you'll find four powerful ideas that really do lead to happier lives. They don't cost a penny either.

Below the video you’ll also find the script to use with your loved ones. Feel free to copy it and add it to your binder to use whenever you need it.

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Teach Your Kids What's Really Important!


Enjoy raising children who value the things that really matter.


Now please watch:

 How Parents Discuss Materialism with Kids


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