How Parents Fight Materialism and Raise Loving Children
How Kids Give Loving Gifts with No-Cost Presents

How Parents Promote Materialism in Kids - 2 Checklists

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Does Your Child Want More Gifts?


TODAY'S PARENTING GIFT CAN IDENTIFY MATERIALISM IN YOUR FAMILY. Because worldliness can cause family distress, you'll find 2 checklists with material problems you may need to  solve.


It doesn't matter whether a you are rich, poor, or middle class. Materialism can infect any home. Some homes  are tainted by selfishness, others by envy, and still others by greed.


Our first checklist describes 9 ways your child may expect you to supply his long list of wants. He might even be bugging you for more presents than you can afford. Some parents feel overwhelmed and wonder what went wrong.


The second checklist offers 7 ways you may be promoting greed in your kids. If you identify a behavior to change and do so, the result may help your child become a happier caring person.


Children Are


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You can turn materialistic kids into caring caring children.


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