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How Parents Help Kids Show Love - A Gift to Share


Giving Teen
A Loving Child Is a Giving Child.


YOUR CHILD CAN GIVE HEARTFELT GIFTS SO EASILY. Our loving gifts won't cost a dime either. They are generic coupons which means they can be used for any occasion. 

They can include:

1. Fun activities

2. Helpful chores

3. Kind words and compliments

4. Apologies

5. Thank you notes

Heartfelt coupons show caring because they come from your child's thoughtful mind and a loving heart.


A Gift from the Heart
Showing Love Is Easy with Coupons.


These All-Occasion Coupons Must Be: 

1. Positive
2. A gift the receiver would like
3. Specific and done within a time limit
4. Cost no money, just your time and caring.

Marriage partners, parents, children, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and friends can give them to whomever they like.

Make Non-Material Coupons into Loving Surprises for:

1.Valentine's day

2. Birthdays

3. Holidays or 

4. Just because you care

Brainstorm what you think the other person would like.
Then make it a non-material gift straight from your heart.

Download your coupons by clicking on:

Loving Coupons and insert the code word:


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