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How Parents Encourage Kids to Love Learning - 5 Simple Ways

How to Raise a Thinking Child!


Parents, is your child a thinker? Does he like to learn? Or do you push, beg, and bribe him to use his brain, do his homework, and love learning?

Raising an open-minded youngster, who can see more than one side of an opinion, isn’t easy. For some odd reason there are universities that want students to avoid questioning, think one way, and repeat only what they are told. We can not allow our children to be blindfolded to more than one side of an issue.

How can you help your child become a well-rounded thinking adult?

Good thinking skills start at home. As parents, you have the unique opportunity to expand your child’s mind.

In today’s parenting gift you’ll find 5 easy ways to raise thinking children. Two brief videos are included. The first video asks 6 great questions.  Copy them for your dinner discussions. The script below the video is waiting for you to download.

I suggest you also copy this parenting freebie to add to a 3-hole binder and use it whenever you need it.

Please pick up your gift at: Love of Learning. Use code word: LEARN and then download.


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