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WHY DO SOME KIDS BULLY OTHERS? Research says that bullying can give kids a sense of power and prestige. The bully wants to have others think he's important. When he hurts kids, he feels dominant and strong. It's hard for bullies to give up such feelings.


Some bullies come from abusive homes and treat others like they have been treated. 


Research also says that bullies pick on weak fearful kids. Children who are socially awkward, lack self-control, hyperactive, and don't fit in, become easy targets.


How Parents Can Help 

In today's article, How Parents Turn Bullies into Caring Kids, you can help both the bully and the bullied child. You will find:


  •  7 signs your child could be a bully-follower
  • 3 questions smart kids should ask about bullies
  • 10 parent and child discussions about bullying
  • 10 anti-bullying slogans for your child's self-talk 


Black Boy Non-Bully
When I See a Victim, I'll Go and
Assist Him.


Why not raise thoughtful children who help the kids who are picked on? Being proud of your children is such a great feeling. You'll be building character too.


Click on: How Parents Turn Bullies into Caring Kids 


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