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Peer Pressure
How Parents Help Kids Avoid Bullying


BULLIES BURN BRIDGES BY WHAT THEY SAY AND DO . They destroy connections like trust, friendship, and future relationships with their victims.

Bullying and Peer Pressure

By seeming powerful, bullies can influence other kids. Some children are afraid to say, “No” to the bully. Others follow because they want to "fit in."

Victims never forget how the bully made them feel nor do they forget who followed the bully’s pressure against them.  Being hurt physically, verbally, and/or emotionally, creates painful memories in the mind of the victim. They always remember. Some take revenge.

How Parents Can Help

Whether you suspect you are raising a bully or a bullied child, you CAN guide your child with good discussions.

Many children lack the experience to be wise about causing painful feelings and the importance of caring about others. You can raise their consciousness.

In today’s video, you will find 10 strategic questions to get your child to think more deeply about bullying, to consider the victim’s feelings, and to build the bridge of empathy.

As a bonus, you’ll also find 5 self-talk mottos to help your child choose caring and empathy over bullying.

Feel free to copy the transcript below the video with both the questions and mottos.

Family Discussions:

Use one question from the video per dinner discussion to find out what your child really thinks about bullying. Hold back from jumping in with your opinions. Listen well. Be sure you understand your child's thoughts before you speak.

Enjoy helping your children think wisely about the problems and pain that bullies cause because you CAN inspire them to choose caring instead.



Bullying – How Parents Help Kids Choose Kindness 



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