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Parenting Gift: How Parents and Kids Discuss Bullying - 10 Questions

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10 Easy Bully Conversations



Whether your child is a bully or not, you can raise your child's social consciousness. All you need are the right conversations.

Discover Today’s Parenting Gift to Help Kids Discuss Questions Like:

  1. If you were bullied, how would you feel and why?
  2. Why do some kids bully others?
  3. Tell me 3 things you could do to help a bullied kid?

The 10 questions are simple and easy to ask. Notice they are open-ended, meaning they require more than one-word answers. They don’t have a specific solution. Such questions give children the freedom to share their own fresh ideas. They might even tell you about a bullying situation at school.

3 Listening Tips for Parents:

  1. Ignore distractions like cell phones.
  2. Avoid interrupting your child.
  3. Don’t judge your child’s thoughts. Encourage them.



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Find Out What He Really Thinks


When you give your child your full attention, he’ll feel free to tell you what he really thinks. Once you hear your child’s answers, appreciate his good ideas, and ask more questions to make sure you understand. Then you can make helpful suggestions.

By listening well to your child first, you’ll be setting up the situation for him to accept your ideas too. Enjoy the discussion.

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Consider adding this gift to your 3-hole binder to keep and use whenever you need it.

Raise your child's social consciousness and start today!


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