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Is Your Child Bullied? Have a Chat.


kid who is, here are 9 discussions you can use.

These slides include 9 pictures as conversation starters. Please

feel free to copy the pictures. The questions are

within the pictures. You can use them as dinner, car, or bedtime


Find Out What Your Child Thinks, Feels, and Says. Here’s How:

  1. Listen well.
  2. Recap her ideas in your words.
  3. Ask, if you repeated her thoughts correctly.
  4. Add your ideas when your child is finished.
  5. Make a simple action plan, like tell a teacher.

One of the best school ideas about bullying, is from Dr. Michele Borba. She suggested asking teachers to set up a classroom “Bully Box.” Children could use it for:

  • Making suggestions to end bullying
  • Asking questions about bullying
  • Reporting bullying

The teacher could monitor the discussion ideas and pick a special day and time for bully discussions.

This SlideShare can also be used in school bully discussions with questions like:

Slideshare -to stop a bully
How Parents and Teachers Start Bully Discussions



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