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Bully-Prevention: 10 Bully Slogans for Children

Bully Sign
  My friends won't include
 mean kids who are rude.

PARENTS, TEACH KIDS POSITIVE MOTTOES to repeat over and over and give your children a lifetime gift. How? Because when kids recite upbeat thoughts with repetition, those thoughts will likely come to mind when needed. Echoing good thoughts strengthens the brain paths on which they travel.

Powerful positive rhymes also reinforce those brainwaves. They are like the songs that stick in our heads. They are pleasant and can motivate us to act.

Today’s parenting gift includes 10 anti-bullying rhymes like:

  1. I won’t bully others. They’re my sisters and brothers.
  2. My friends won’t include mean kids who are rude.
  3. A bullying tongue offends everyone.
Indian Boy Talking
A bullying tongue offends everyone.


 Get all 10 of these anti-bullying verses. Ask your child to pick his favorite. Suggest he say it often, post it on the fridge, and act on it when needed.

Better yet, have an anti-bully brainstorming dinner. Write down as many rhymes as your children can think of. Ask each child to choose the one they want to repeat and post it where they will see it as a reminder.

Pick up this powerful parenting present by inserting this code word:





Consider adding it to a 3-hole binder to use whenever it is needed.


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