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Parenting Errors That Must Be Changed

Every parent makes mistakes. Some apologize. Others don't understand what they're doing wrong. But they sense they're making blunders because their children are shutting down.

Today's parenting gift helps those parents. We'll look through the "eyes of youngsters" and see what messages  children could be receiving when parents are too busy for them.

Imagine what children think when parents:

  • Fail to make time for kids
  • Rush from one thing to another
  • Seem distracted too often

This parenting gift helps alert parents to the pain kids feel and the changes than need to be made. Download the list. See if there's some behavior you'd like to change. It can be easy to fix when you understand the problem.

Insert the code word:




Save it to a 3-hole binder and check it when your parent/child relationship isn't quite right. It could be one of them is the cause.


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