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DOES YOUR CHILD COMPLAIN, “I can’t,” or “It’s too hard?” If you’d like to motivate him, check the strategies inside this parenting gift. Find the ones you can start using today.

If your daughter has a long habit of negative self-talk, you’ll need to repeat the methods often to remind her that she can succeed.

Should you be an optimistic parent, you may have an easier time helping your child become positive like yourself. Why? Positive people attract. They tend to be magnetic because they share a hopeful energy that others like to be near. That’s why they are successful. As long as you don't overdue it, your positive style will attract your child too.

Negative parents repel.

In today’s parenting gift, you'll find ideas for boosting your child’s:

  1. Efforts
  2. Imagination
  3. Goals
  4. Self-pride
  5. Self-talk

Getting A’s must not be what success is about. Why? Because sooner or later even the very bright child will fail at something. The fear of failing could slow down his desire to try. The risk is just too great.

But risk is the key to succeeding. Risk is about effort, grit, and the willingness to stick one's neck out.

Please download this gift and, if you don’t need it immediately, add it to your 3-hole binder for future reference. You never know which idea you might need for raising your successful child.

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